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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

Tooth Extractions Lexington, KY When restoration procedures such as root canal therapy, crowns or fillings are not enough to save a tooth, it may need to be pulled, or extracted. Tooth extraction procedures today are vastly less painful than ever before, thanks to powerful anesthetics and sedatives. In many cases, a patient who has tooth pulled experiences little or no discomfort, and only minor bleeding.

Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Before a tooth extraction , the area surrounding the tooth is numbed with a topical/and or injectible anesthetic such as Novocaine.

Patients with extracted teeth sometimes need to take an antibiotic, and at the very least, take precautions following the procedure to ensure that infection doesn’t occur.

After a Tooth Extraction

Smoking, vigorous brushing and rinsing, and drinking liquids through straws are very discouraged during the post-operative period because they hinder healing and may cause the wound to open. Cold compresses applied to the outside cheek near the extraction area can help reduce any swelling and promote faster healing.

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